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5 PM Show

Tuesday, March 20

The beginning of this show is a good example of trying to win the first 100 seconds. I was able to show our live reporter on the monitor behind the anchors and let them turn and toss to her. I also moved the anchors to several different spots in the studio because I believe its more interesting than keeping them behind the desk the whole time.

5 PM Show

Tuesday, March 13

I felt this show had strong content so I added headlines, something we don't normally do at 5, to the top of it. It features a Cold SOT at the beginning and then a live headline from a reporter in the field. I also had anchors at the desk, another monitor, and our "right now" desk in the A block. Finally, I used multiple rolling BAMs and another animations on the monitors behind our anchors.

10 PM Newscast

Friday, April 13

Before this show, we had been following severe weather all day. So, instead of starting at the desk and just tossing to the weather center, I had the anchors stand in front of one of our monitors and put the radar on the screen behind it. This show also features a good blend of local and national news in the A block, with various elements inserted, including rolling BAMs and OTS graphics.

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